My Flaptastic Intro!

Greetings people and peoplettes!
I would like to say to everyone out there in internetland, that my new video is up. That’s right. My Flaptastic Intro! is the latest video from my channel , and I would hope* that you watch it. It’s only six seconds, but it will become instrumental in the upcoming weeks, years, and months that my videos enlighten your lives.

Here is a (the) screen from it, and I hope that you accumulate yourself to it. 🙂 Occassionally if I do an Ace Attorney video it may have Objection! under it, or if I do a Pokémon video , it may be framed by Gotta Catch ’em All! or a various other tagline.



Here is a link to the video in question that has taken up so much of your meaningful life.

Enjoy! 🙂
MasterSneasle, a much cuter and less depressing version of toddler Gaara.