Copyright Blah

I do not own Pokémon. I own a copy of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.
Pokémon Black, White and White 2. And Pokémon X. Oh, and Emerald and FireRed. Thanks Aidan! I even own Pokémon Yellow! I own over 5,000 Pokémon cards and- where was I? Oh yes. It belongs to Game Freak and partially by Nintendo.

I don’t own Flappy Bird either. That is owned by .Gears Studio, despite my high score of 49 😛

Guess what? I’m secretly Suzanne Collins and I own the Hunger Games!! BWAHAHAHAHA… actually, my lawyer has just reminded me of the last time I pretended to own a franchise. I didn’t know that JK Rowling could punch that hard. So I really don’t own the Hunger Games. 😦

Speaking of lawyers… I don’t own the Ace Attorney franchise either. Hold it! Or do I… Let me go off to forge some evidence…

I don’t own Naruto either. What a drag.

The only major franchise that I own is Sneasle Inc, a division of Sneasle Co. and a subsidiary of Sneasle’s Home-Grown Clown Makeup Ltd.


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