New Video Up – Killing Cats and Bursting Eardrums!

Hey everyone!
I recently made a new video with Thewymule of a semi-famous game called Doodle Jump! The video is now up, and I hope you all enjoy! Expect a new one soon!


I also hope to be more active in my YouTube activities, with MORE VIDEOS! MORE GUEST STARS! MORE SHIKAMARU KILLING IMMORTAL GUYS! So enjoy looking forward to a brighter, better future for MasterSneasle!




Humble Alliance!

Greetings everyone!
100,000 apologies for not posting any videos recently, I haven’t been in ample recording position lately.

I think that it would be a good idea to point out now that I am a member of the Humble Alliance. What started out as a joke by HA Gugagix (Guilherme) escalated into a cyber-wide organization known as…. The Humble Alliance.

There are three members , listed below.
1. HA Gugagix (founding member)
2. MasterSneasle (I joined as a joke, but started getting serious after a while.)
3. Thewy Mule (joined cuz Guilherme’s in it.)

Leave your thoughts below on this organization, and be sure to like, comment, and subscribe! 🙂

MasterSneasle! 🙂

Happy St. Paddy’s Day in advance!